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Avery & Co have a team of surveyors operating across the North West of England and North Wales

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Top tips for viewing a property to buy

It’s so easy to get carried away with excitement when you’re scoping out a new property to buy. There are so many things to consider when viewing a house th
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Should I get a Survey?

A lot of people ask the question, 'Should I get a survey?' when they are considering buying a new house. A property survey is optional and only around 20% of pe
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5 Reasons To Get a Homebuyer Report

Buying a new property can be a stressful and expensive process with lots of compulsory boxes to be ticked, people to be met and calls to be made. So when an ele
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What is the job of a RICS Surveyor?

Your home is probably the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make; therefore you want the entire operation to be as smooth as possible. Whether you plan to l
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Is a Homebuyer Survey worth it?

We have recently introduced a Homebuyer Survey without a valuation at a reduced fee for those customers who have already had a valuation or do not need one. But
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Is the Help to Buy Scheme a good option for me?

The Help to Buy Scheme The Help to Buy Scheme is a way of opening the doors to owning your own home. It’s a shared equity scheme introduced by the Government
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What Type of Property Survey Should I Get?

If you’ve ended up on our blog then you’ll have done your homework and understand that getting a survey when buying a property is a very important step. In
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Help to Buy – What you need to know

The Help to Buy scheme was introduced in England and Wales by the Government in April 2013. At that time, it had become increasingly difficult for people to get
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Why get an Independent Survey?

  'Why should I get an independent survey?' is a question that we frequently hear being asked. Here we try to demystify the process and set out the benefi
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What is a Mortgage Valuation?

There can a be a lot of confusion around what a mortgage valuation is and how it differs from a survey or report on condition. At Avery & Co we have tried t
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Do I need a house survey?

  Do I need a house survey? If you have seen a property that you would like to buy, visited it a few times and have had an offer accepted you may now be
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Making Your Property’s Garden an Important Selling Feature

As the nights are getting shorter and the days are finally getting warmer, it’s time to start thinking about the garden for the months ahead and what you can
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