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Structural movement in residential properties

Structural movement in residential properties refers to the shifting or displacement of the building's structure from its original position. This movement can m
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What is sulphate attack to floors?

What is Sulphate attack to floors? Sulphate attack causes damage to the concrete that forms solid ground floors in properties built post Second World War, up u
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Modern or Character Property?

It can be one of the first things to consider when you are looking for a new home, do you want a modern or character property? In terms of residential proper
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RICS Valuations for Tax Purposes

You may require a RICS valuation for tax purposes. The RICS Valuation – Global Standards 2017: UK National Supplement (UK VPGA 15) provides professional guida
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15 Ways to increase the saleability of your home

In a busy marketplace it makes sense to do what you can to help make your house stand out from the crowd. Improving a property to make it more saleable and attr
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What is a lintel, and why are they important?

What is a lintel? Lintels are horizontal beams that are installed within the structure of a building. They span across to top of openings to walls such as door
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Should I Rent or Buy?

Are you wondering whether to rent or buy? For many, recent changes to interest rates has increased the cost of their mortgage repayments.  This has not only i
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Kate Avery Announced as RICS Matrics Valuation Surveyor of the Year Finalist!

Everyone at Avery & Co Surveyors is delighted with the news that Kate Avery has been selected as a finalist in the RICS Matrics Valuation Surveyor of the Ye
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Common Causes of Damp

A common issue on surveys is damp One of the most common issues we find while performing inspections on residential properties, is damp. Dampness in a house
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Cavity Wall Construction

What is a Cavity Wall? A cavity wall is a type of wall construction consisting of two separate walls with a gap, called a cavity, between them. The constructio
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Meet our Manchester Surveyor

Our new team member Sam has recently joined Avery & Co as a residential surveyor and RICS Registered valuer covering the Greater Manchester area. We are de
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UK house prices could be stabilising despite falls, say surveyors.

UK House Prices Stabilising According to an articles in The Guardian and Financial Times, even though the UK housing market remains in decline, with prices con
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